What is Java

javaJava is an object-oriented programming language and registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems. It is a part of the Java technology.

Java programs are translated into bytecode and then executed in a special environment, called Java Runtime Environment or Java platform. Its main component is the Java Virtual Machine (Java VM) that executes the programs by interpreting the bytecode and compiled if necessary (hotspot optimization).

Java applications are platform independent, meaning they run in most cases without any further adjustments on different computers and operating systems for which a Java VM exists. Sun does not offer Java VMs for Linux, Solaris and Windows. Other manufacturers have their Java VM for your platform certification, such as the Apple for Mac OS X.

By porting one speaks in Java in general, if source code or byte code on the stand another Java version is to be adjusted. Most Java programs are only for certain Java versions tested or certified.

One typical Java application is the one used in forex service and other trading online websites: forex applications benefit from java potential through a powerful parsing of restult of trading and stock markets.

Java is consistently object oriented. So that it can greatly solve many different tasks: activities, treadmills, chats on web pages, Animacons, calculator, games, encryption programs, interactive web pages, music, word processors, small Internet applets, huge packages, image processing programs, etc., etc. . The best known use is in the form of applets that are embedded in HTML pages. Thus, the layout and contents are designed in dialogue with the user completely. This Java is a universal and necessary complement to HTML. Java also supports multimedia applications such as audio files. Java is not only on the client computers are active, but also on the server. This is effective to process large amounts of data, eg in databases or large graphics files stored on the server. But Java is not only computers, but because of its platform independence, are used to control other machines.
What do I need to use Java? up

Most frequently used in Java applets. These are files that are embedded in HTML documents. They are interpreted by the browser (running) when the website opens. For this to work, the browser must be java compatible. The other, more rarely used ability to run Java programs, is in the command line. This requires a Java compiler and a Java interpreter. Both can be downloaded from the Internet.
What do I need to program Java? up

In order to program Java, you need just the compiler and the interpreter or the Java-capable browser. Many programmers use dasJDK (Java Development Kit): It includes the creation and testing of Java applications and applets necessary software packages with the standard equipment belonging to Java classes, and the online documentation. To the software include the Java compiler, the Java Runtime Environment (Java Virtual Machine) for the execution of applications, the applet viewer to run an applet, a Java debugger, and various utilities.
The program text is stored in simple text files. To edit the text, extends the easiest editor, eg Notepad in Windows. Comfortable is a however a development level (IDE).